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Capture Your Grief 2023

Each day we will post a photo on our Facebook page for you to share!

Day 1: Say their Name - share your babies names

Day 2: Sunrise - share a photo of the sunrise

Day 3: Dates - what date or dates are special to your babies

Day 4: Self Portrait - share a photo of yourself 

Day 5: Treasured Items - what is your most treasure item in memory or your precious baby/ies

Day 6: Sacred Space/Alter - Do you have a special space?

Day 7: Tattoo/Art - share your remembrance tattoo or remembrance art

Day 8: Creative Grief - Have you turned your grief into a creative outlet?

Day 9: Symbols/Signs - Do you have a special symbol or get signs from your baby

Day 10: Quote - what is your favorite remembrance quote

Day 11: Scents - is there a scent that reminds you of your baby

Day 12: Self-care - what does self-care mean to you, or what do you do for self-care

Day 13: Support Circle - what does your support circle look like

Day 14: Music - how does music heal your heart, or what song do you play to remember your babies

Day 15: Wave of Light - share your photos

Day 16: Act of Kindness - do an act of kindness 

Day 17: Number - do you have special number 

Day 18: How many day - how many days since you said goodbye

Day 19: Birthday Remembrance - What do you for your babies birthday

Day 20: Family Portrait - share your family photo

Day 21: Journal - do you journal, write, or express your grief 

Day 22: Special Place - What place is healing to your heart

Day 23: Book - What book helped you 

Day 24: Jewelry - Is there a special piece of jewelry for your baby

Day 25: What Heals You - What do you do to heal your heart

Day 26: Color - what is your angels color

Day 27: Dear World - What do you want the world to know

Day 28: What not to say - what should you not say to someone who just lost their baby 

Day 29: Friendship - how has friendship helped you on this journey 

Day 30: Reflect - Reflect on this months capture your grief

Day 31: Sunset - to end the month share the sunset 

Welcome to share! *DO NOT COPY, ALTER OR EDIT*  

© Angel Babies 2023

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